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Collab Collective is a community of digital professionals helping to create genuine connections with each other and inspire others to achieve great things.

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We're not “just another meetup group”, but as a community of people who show up to support one another on our own creative and professional paths.  It’s true - Collab Collective is the spot where you could find your next job offer - but even more so, it is a place to meet like minds, engage with peers in your industry and seek advice from people who’ve been in your shoes.  Above all, it’s a space to simply relax and kick-back with people who care about something you care about.

For digital creators

If you are a designer, a developer, a product manager, a digital marketer, or something in between, we invite you to join us at one of our next live digital events, sign up for our newsletter, or join our Discord channel to start connecting with the group.

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For businesses

If you are a business owner or part of an enterprise business looking to hire someone, or open to freelance and part-time, we look forward to hearing from you and chatting about how this platform is an amazing opportunity to establish a presence, build trust, post jobs, and find the right person that will be a good fit not only in skills and what is on paper, but also a shoe-in to your work culture.

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Meet other designers to collaborate on projects, chill in our lounge for design hangouts, or meet with mentors and mentees

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Join the collective to find new ways to collaborate in the city. What you’ll get when you join us as a member:

Discord Community

Access to new connections
Regular virtual work & chill sessions
Discord rooms to interact and collaborate in

Notion Database

Access to our resource library
(PDF's, Design Files, Templates)
Create a member profile to share on the job board and mentorship directory
Peruse on the Job Board and get priority to work opportunities

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Get in on the action to expand your mind, create authentic connections, and develop your skills

Mentorship Directory

Check out our mentorship directory to connect with other mentors and mentees to bring your career to the next level. To join the Notion mentorship directory, submit a membership application and you can tell us whether you want to participate in mentorship, and whether you are looking for mentors or being a mentor.

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