What we stand for

We’re dedicated to providing new perspectives on tech and the industry for those hungry to work and learn. We welcome you as part of our family, helping to create connections to mentorships, job opportunities, and meaningful volunteer experiences.

As a collective, we want to build dream teams, give space to connect, and chances to explore opportunities for innovation. We foster positive reinforcement, continual inspiration, and ongoing support for future-thinking creatives on their journey.

Who we are

We’re a group of optimistic, genuine, and down-to-earth contributors, looking to make a difference and re-shape the job hunt for creatives. Our team is host to multi-disciplinary designers, developers and entrepreneurs.

Josh Loh
Kevin Kevin
Sarah Mccurach
Leon Hui
Andro Atienza

Let's connect

We’re constantly working on exciting events and opportunities for local tech professionals to engage with their community. Sign up as a member and get early access to job opportunities, community workshops, special offers on hyper-local events, and more.

For those interested in partnerships, we want to hear from you. Get in touch to share your ideas with the team – all visionaries are welcome.